Celebrating our 15th year of making Beach Sand Jewelry!!

Beach Sand Jewelry

Our jewelry is the most sentimental keepsake that your customers will treasure for years.

-Handmade since 2004-

Beachdashery Wholesale

Thank you so much for considering Beachdashery Jewelry for your retail shop!

We'd love to work with you!  We screen all potential wholesale accounts to ensure that Beachdashery Jewelry would be a great fit for your shop.  If you would like to apply to be a retailer, please email hello@beachdashery.com.  We also participate in many wholesale shows all over the country.  Come visit us and check out our beach sand jewelry collection.

A few things to know about Beachdashery Jewelry Wholesale.

Our opening order is $300 and re-orders are $250.

Turnaround time is approx 4-5 business days (excludes shipping).

We provide FREE custom signage and displays for the jewelry specifically for your shop.

We offer 60% margins on most of our jewelry styles which allows your shop to show a larger profit with our brand.

We do offer zip code protection when meeting our exclusivity minimum.

Any sand that you send in to us for your order belongs to YOU.  We don't resell it on our website. 

A few reasons why your customers will LOVE our beach sand jewelry.

It's unique and sentimental. Our beach sand jewelry is the perfect way to remember your beach moments.

Our beach sand jewelry is affordable.  We use stainless steel and sterling silver metal. These materials help keep our costs down.

We use glass on top of all of our beach sand jewelry, not resin.  It helps magnify the texture of the sand and looks so pretty! It has a very dry look to it, not dark and muddy like resin.

Kate handles ALL wholesale accounts.  She is the only person you will be working with.  We are a small company and would like to keep it that way. Your business is important and matters to us!

Beach Sand Starter Kit



Absolutely perfect since I couldn't take her to her happy place, I brought her happy place to her! She cried, it was great!


My sister loved this gift. We grew up on the beach. This was the perfect gift!


This was a perfect gift for my best friend. She and I come to Provincetown every summer and this piece of jewelry was a perfect and sentimental way to capture our special memories in a special place.